The Educational Expedition

The Patel Family’s Day of Discovery

The Patel family, with their twin daughters Priya and Aisha, always believed in learning through experience. Their trip with Jersey Shore Whale Watch turned into an educational expedition, far exceeding their expectations. As they encountered various marine species, the knowledgeable guides enriched their experience with insights into the marine ecosystem, the behaviors of whales and dolphins, and the importance of conservation.

This day out on the water sparked a new interest in environmental science for Priya and Aisha, who returned home eager to learn more and determined to play a part in protecting the ocean. For the Patels, it was a day of discovery, bonding, and the beginning of a lifelong commitment to nature.


, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Ar-Jay Ilao
07:47 05 May 24
Our journey was so bumpy and chilly but was all worth it. We saw couple of whales breaching and feeding. We went around May.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Amy LaFleur
21:47 04 May 24
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Shruti Jasoria
21:46 04 May 24
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Mary
21:46 04 May 24
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Justin Gardiner
23:48 13 Apr 24
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour K C
15:39 08 Apr 24
I’m not sure if this company is still in business! Wehad a trip booked last year but due to the weather, it was canceled by the company. They don’t refund. They said they would reschedule a trip. I’ve been emailing and leaving messages with no replies for the last two months. It appears you can still buy tickets on their website, but you can’t book it for a trip already paid?
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Daniel Bock
16:49 12 Jan 24
My son Daniel and I are long overdue in writing our 5 * star review about our adventures aboard the Jersey Girl Whale watching trip last June 2023.I asked my son Daniel if he wanted to go whale watching expecting the usual “NO” that teenagers give Mom’s. But..he said “Yes!” and before he could change his mind I called Bill McKim to ask a few questions about the trip. You see Daniel has autism. New things are sometimes more difficult for him and Covid didn’t help with those fears.Bill went above and beyond to listen to my concerns, “Will it be too long” “3 hours?” “Should I bring Dramamine” and so on.It turned out that it was calm seas, breathtaking skies, and Bill had the best seats on the boat reserved for us!We started out inside the downstairs cabin which still has an excellent view. We then got brave enough to venture out to the railing!“Whale!” On the other side of the boat! Everyone screamed in amazement! My son runs inside because the screams scared him and we didn’t see the whale. I mention this because parents with children that have hearing sensitivity may want to bring noise canceling headphones.It took a little pep talk but we eventually climbed to the top of the boat where Bill had put out two chairs for us! It was so wonderful. How thoughtful! He also took the picture of the 2 of us!Up above we saw 2 more humpbacks!! And the most adorable baby dolphins swimming in perfect synchronicity!Now we are showing off the beautiful shirt that Bill gave to Daniel! His favorite color, so soft..he loves it! I finally got a picture of him in it!Thank you to the Captain who was very kind as well! I would recommend Jersey Shore Whale Watching to everyone.To parents of special needs children or adults, consider calling Bill McKim. Ask him the questions on your mind as far as accommodations that might be made to help your loved ones. It is definitely a memory that will last forever for us!💙.🐋🐬🌊⛴️💙
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Sue Tiwboonliang
16:46 26 Nov 23
It had a great time with my husband on my birthday. It was good experience. The crew is so nice. Excellent!!
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Karen Myrick
21:15 25 Nov 23
Absolutely wonderful experience! They actually gave us an extra half an hour and a free T-shirt, and the best part is, we were able to actually see whales!🥰 Had the best time and it was beautiful, to see whales in their own habitat!
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Treice B
21:13 25 Nov 23
So calming! The whales were beautiful and the staff warm and kind.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Phyllis Beard
21:12 25 Nov 23
It was great! The whales weren't cooperative, but the crew never gave up and we found one.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Amy Dundee
20:08 24 Nov 23
This is my third time whale watching. Was so excited to bring my family that is visiting from out town. The boat is clean and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Also, there is plenty of parking and there is a restaurant in the same parking lot so you can grab a bite afterwards.So much fun and would highly recommend.Today was extra awesome with 4-5 different whales and many lunge feedings. Could finally check that off my bucket list of things to see.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Evan Ruane
20:01 03 Nov 23
We had a great time with Jersey Shore Whale Watching. We saw a nice size humpback! The whole crew was very nice and helpful. They were also very knowledgeable and gave good insight on whales along the Jersey Shore. We definitely would take another tour with Jersey Shore Whale Watching again.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Krystina Natal
19:21 09 Oct 23
Came in august on a very choppy day with no sightings. They stick tp their guarantee and gave us a free return trip and we visited again in October. The trip was perfect! Lots of dolphin and whale sightings. The crew is friendly and knowledgeable. Very fun trip!
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Dina DiF
23:20 06 Sep 23
Absolutely WONDERFUL tour. Done in such an environmentally conscious and thoughtful way as they have actual scientists and scholars on board telling you all about the ecosystem. we saw at least 20-30 fins, tails, breaches, etc. there must be SO MANY whales off the coast here for the show we got in a mere three hours. Highly recommend. And if you are a boater please slow down bc these magnificent creatures are so curious and approach the boats and it’s very easy to harm them if you aren’t as cautious as this company is. They really created such a beautiful experience for my family and I, while keeping the wildlife in mind - we will surely be back again and again thanks to the amazing crew.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Regina Pastor
20:37 18 Jun 23
The trip is amazing! 🙂 The crew gave us some education regarding the whales. It's nice to see them in action. The trip we only book for whales but we're able to see dolphins as well. 🙂 Highly recommended! 🙂 We're definitely going to watch again 🙂
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Mayank Jain
20:53 01 Jun 21
Good experience. Saw a family of dolphins and a humpback whale. Last one hour could have been more resourceful. Overall a good trip.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Katrina Brady
00:25 01 Jun 21
Had a wonderful day offshore with Cap'n Bill and the crew!! Left out of Belmar, within a half hour we saw the amazing sight of newborn dolphin calf! We kept a respectable distance away, so as to not disturb the family pod helping Jr. along with it's 'learning to breathe'. The naturalist on board gave a great summary about the animals and their habitat. Then we sighted a lone Humpback whale feeding. What a wonderful day-the whale seemed to be interested in our boat as well as we with it! A couple of times, the whale lunged while feeding-great to see. We will be back!!
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Nick Salerno
18:32 28 May 21
My family and I had a great time. Crew was great, and very knowledgeable about everything we saw.We saw a humpback right out of the gate, on Point Pleasant shore, and they crew got word of Dolphins a few miles away. They took us there, and, there were at least 3 groups of Dolphins swimming around the boat. We had a great time, and we will be back again.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Jeannie Devine
00:56 10 May 21
We had an awesome experience. We saw 2 humpback whales. Crew was great! Would highly recommend!
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Kathy Mowczan
11:46 19 Apr 21
My boyfriend and I went on 4/17/2021. The crew was great and boat roomy and comfortable. It was cold since it was mid-April, and unfortunately we did not see a whale. However, we were on the water for about 3.5 hours and it was a great ride. We did see one seal, and lots of dolphins.I would do the trip again.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Anna Bryce-McDonald
16:13 21 Nov 20
We had a humpback whale hang out with us for about 90 min. It was amazing. We actually had to leave him because our time was up. Thanks captain Bill for a great time.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Michael Monaghan
01:47 05 Nov 20
This whale watching tour was truly amazing! I've been multiple times and each time is better than the last. On this particular trip, we saw an endangered North Atlantic Right Whale! The crew is very friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell that they care deeply about these marine animals and make sure to treat them with respect while providing an amazing and educational experience.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Katie Allis
01:42 05 Nov 20
Wonderful experience and crew! They’re very friendly and knowledgeable. Was able to see a North Atlantic Right Whale, one of only 388 in the world! You won’t be disappointed.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour marisa kos
14:40 24 Oct 20
Yes another 5 star review. How are they so successful finding whales? There are fishing boats and other boats that all report the sightings so that they know where to look. They also have a fish finder sonar to follow the whales dinner. I was surprised how lose we could get. Whales actually dive rather slowly so they give you a chance to catch that tale photo. While this covid pandemic sucks, it was a great time to go out because the do not crowd the boat. Each group was able to have their space. We sometimes choose to wear masks when we were outside but I doubt it was necessary out in the open water. If you went inside masks were required. I very much appreciate the safety measures including cleaning that we witnessed. Of course the point of this trip was the whales and they did not disappoint. We also had very nice dolphin views and the naturalist on board kept us informed. Lastly I was concerned about booking ahead because of it got cancelled some of our party would not be able to make it another day. However we would have been allowed a refund as opposed to a credit. You can bring food and drink. Just a great day.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Lorraine Montecuollo
01:21 15 Oct 20
This trip was awesome! The naturalist Danielle was very knowledgeable and taught us many things about the humpback whales. The crew was friendly and helpful. We were out of Belmar 20 minutes and seeing the whale. On this trip we were lucky to see two different whales I had taken the whale trip out of Cape May and only saw dolphins. I would highly recommend this trip for anyone.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Will Heyniger
19:57 13 Oct 20
What an awesome experience. Crew, both on off boat were excellent. Trip will change your life and encourage positive environmental changes to your life. It was a great trip, and a great time had by all attending. Staff worked with trip cancellations and rebooking without canceling my reservation - superb customer service. I’m excited to go back next year and hopefully their offshore trip , as well , next year.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Alison Olker
19:34 13 Oct 20
Took my daughter the 1st weekend in October and it was amazing. Saw a whale breech for the 1st time. Staff super friendly and the guide was amazing. Will definitely do again real soon. Also bought a long sleeved tshirt and it's super comfortable so much so my daughter took the one I bought on the boat so I had to order another one
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Merry Brennan
02:16 06 Sep 20
What a fabulous way to spend the afternoon on Labor Day weekend! We saw a minke whale not even a half hour into the trip. This was followed by dolphins and then 4 humpbacks, which we were able to see again and again up close thanks to the captain's smooth maneuvering. Marine researcher Danielle is a true gem, sharing great info along the way. Would highly recommend this terrific tour along the beautiful Jersey Shore!
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Joanne Zarnowski
23:56 28 Aug 20
I can't say enough about this experience. The boat was clean and comfortable and our Whale expert from Rutgers was very informative and really interesting to listen to. When they say you are guarenteed to see a whale they certainly mean it. We searched for a while and just couldnt locate one but the Captain wouldnt give up and we turned around and there it was. So graceful and magnificent. We want to bring my 90 year old father back on this tour. Captured beautiful pictures and video and a lot of great memories.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Stacey Murphy
20:41 18 Aug 20
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Kelly O'Brien
12:22 21 Jul 20
GO!! I took a friend for his birthday on the July 19 tour. I had read about this tour online and thought it would be a great way to escape the heat, be on the water and maybe just maybe see a whale. Instead, we saw three whales. One of the whales breached over 30 times. Yes, 30! The naturalist on board said that was the most she had ever seen. It was spectacular -- we could see all of its markings very clearly. I never saw a whale leap up and snap its jaws closed mid-air, but I did that day. If you go, be prepared to get a bit wet but that was part of the fun. They do a good job of reminding people when to mask up and socially distance themselves. I had a memorable day -- I can't say you will have the same whale experience but you never know.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour Harriette Doll
22:08 20 Jul 20
I went on the most amazing whale watch trip on Sunday, July 19th, with three friends aboard the Royal Belmar Princess out of Belmar, NJ. Once out to sea, we stopped off the coast of Sandy Hook and saw 3 Humpback juvenile whales. Whale #1 surfaced a few times and we could see his back arched out of the water before her went back under. Whale #2 was feeding and twice we saw him come straight up about 1/2 way out of the water to swallow up schools of small fish. Whale #3 made our entire experience so awesome. He put on an amazing show for us, breaching sideways and backwards out of the water multiple times. What a showoff! He was totally having fun displaying his playful side and we enjoyed watching him for quite some time. We were in complete awe. Thank you, Captain Bill McKim (Jersey Shore Whale Watch), crewmate Richie and marine environmentalist Danielle (who provided interesting and educational information about the whales). Surprisingly, we didn't see a single dolphin but the whale sightings were unreal! Mother Nature at her best, sharing her magnificent creatures for all to enjoy. A most memorable experience that none of us, including the crew, will ever forget.
, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour



Everything, Best Whale watch trip ever! Been on several and never saw a whale! Well we saw 1 it was the best experience that I ever had!!! The crew was excellent, everything was spotless! We saw whales, a sea turtle! They told us where to look! I cant say enough about Bill & his crew! You will not be disappointed! Just due it! 🐳🐢
What a great trip!!! The boat was immaculate, inside and out as were the restrooms. And the restrooms are real restrooms. Ample room for everyone to freely move around the boat. Able to see whales and dolphins from every angle. Friendly and knowledgeable crew! BYOB


This was my first time on a whale watch in NJ and I was blown away to see dolphins as we left the Shark River–and then humpbacks before we got up to Long Branch! The captain and the scientist who led the trip were terrific and full of great info. Will absolutely go again!
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Date of experience: September 2019

5.0 star rating 23 Reviews


Nick G.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating

Great time

Review by Nick G. on 4 Nov 2019

We had a lot of fun on our whale watch yesterday. The crew worked hard to find us a whale and everyone was very excited when they did. The heated cabin and the food/drinks available within were an awesome bonus!

, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour

Store Owner
Thanks for coming the trips are each unique sometimes we find the whales quickly other times it takes longer! Yes the heated cabin is awesome!, Thanks Bill


Jamie L.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating

Whale watching 9/8/19

Review by Jamie L. on 18 Sep 2019

It was amazing! We had the best time
Can’t wait to go again!
Verified Buyer

5 star rating

Must go!

Review by Arlene H. on 27 Jul 2019

My husband and I enjoyed this trip. We relaxed all afternoon on the water. We got to see 3 whales and some dolphins. Didn’t get clear pictures but still a lot of fun. We will definitely do this again.

, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour , Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour , Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour



Mary F.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating

Whale watch.Belmar

Review by Mary F. on 21 Jul 2019

Had a terrific time..nice ride along the shore line with my grandchildren. We didn’t see any whales on this trip but the kids had a ball.

, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour , Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour


Victoria C.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating

Best time ever. Staff is

Review by Victoria C. on 19 Jul 2019

Best time ever. Staff is perfect and they went if of there way to make sure we saw as many whales as possible. Have us extra time to take photos.


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Alexandra N.

Verified Buyer

4 star rating

Whale Watching

Review by Alexandra N. on 18 Jul 2019

Did see two whales and a lot of dolphins. Just wish there had been better view with whales. But the whales did come out of the water a little.


Linda T.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating

Excellent trip!!

Review by Linda T. on 15 Jul 2019

Yes we did see whales!! Amazing – I really didn’t think we would see any and after an hour and half right off Sandy Hook there were the whales! Happily feeding and swimming. No they didn’t jump way out of the water, but to see them in their natural habitat was exciting. The boat was comfy and I really had a wonderful time.

, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour , Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour , Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour


Karen L.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating

Whale 🐳 Watching

Review by Karen L. on 2 Jul 2019

Great time,


Yvonne K.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating


Review by Yvonne K. on 29 Jun 2019

We watched a humpback whale feeding off the coast of Sandy hook, we spent about an hour with him. So beautiful!!


Kathleen S.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating

Great day!

Review by Kathleen S. on 28 Jun 2019

We had an awesome trip today! Amazing to see whales so close to home. Don’t miss out, definitely make the time to do this trip. We’re already figuring when we can get out again. Thanks to all who put it together!



Our charter boat  is a 115 foot 2 viewing levels  built to USCG & International Marine Standards  designed for maximum stability and comfort, surveyed for 130 passengers + five crew in open waters. During the whale season we like to limit our numbers to a maximum of 1115 to give all passengers space to move around and take advantage of the great viewing positions.
Our vessel has excellent 360º viewing from upper and lower decks, 2 full size bathrooms and a kitchen. This boat was designed for your comfort.

, Customer reviews, Bill McKim’s Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour
Experience the stunning New Jersey coastline up close; land remains in sight throughout our journey with Jersey Shore Whale Watch.


Phone 732.451.6003 email




 A. Our Belmar location allows ust to enjoy the longest Whale Watching season in NY/NJ  from April to early November each year. No two whale watching journeys are the same, with an unforgettable experience occurring during the whole whale watching season.

At the beginning of the season you are likely to watch these amazing creatures as they migrate north to warmer waters , whereas later in the season you are likely to catch them as they return south.


As our tours are conducted in the ocean we do not control these beautiful creatures; hence no two cruises are the same. We believe this is a part of the attraction of experiencing the whales on their migration path.

Due to the increase of Humpback whale population during the past few years, Our Guarantee is that if Whales are not sighted on the day of the cruise we will provide vouchers for the passengers aboard to return FREE of charge on another day. We can say that in 2018 this only happened once and as of Sept 2019 this only happened once we did not see a whale!


        A. As responsible whale watchers, we don’t approach closer than 100 feet of the whales. Though that doesn’t mean the whales can’t come to us and they do. Whales are curious mammals – at times they will dive for a few minutes and come up where you least expect them, sometimes close to the boat!

Q. Can I bring my camera or video equipment, will it get wet? Yes you can bring your gear, it wont get wet unless you do something stupid..lol

Q. How big is the boat? The boat is HUGE, it’s an 115 foot cruiser.
Q. Bill are we really going to see whales? The answer is always unknown, but I can tell you that in the trips we have done in 2018 we have seen at least one whale up close each time. One trip we even had 3 whales in our view!

Q. Where does the boat leave from? We depart from Belmar Marina a short 5 min ride and we are cruising the Atlantic Ocean.

Q. Will you be running these tours all summer and fall? That I don’t know, but we are running them now and we will run them again in the fall so make sure to book now!

Q. Can We bring food, beer, wine, or champagne? Yes, you can.

Q. What should we wear? Bring a light windbreaker in case you feel cool on the way back, and don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen!

Q. Is there a full bathroom room on board the boat? Yes, we have separate men’s and  ladies’ rooms.

Q. I have a large group and want you to take us all out alone on our own private whale watching tour, will you do this? A. Yes, I would love to. Call me on 732.451.6003   We can charter any size boat your group needs!

Q. How long is the trip? The trip is just over 3 hours.

Q. Where does the boat go? We stay along the coast for most of the ride, so you can see all the beautiful homes along the coastline of New Jersey. On clear days you can see the skyline of New York City!


No. A smaller boat means you are closer to the water, not closer to the whales. The higher up you are the better vantage points to see and capture the whales.


If it is overcast or lightly raining we still venture out to see the whales; we tend to find the whales still active. We have plenty of under covered areas (including indoors) so you can stay warm without missing out on seeing the whales if you wish.

We base our decision on the tides and the winds. If it is too rough and unpleasant we will contact you the day before to reschedule your trip.


Motion sickness affects us all in different ways causing many people to get sea sick. If you know or are unsure how the boats journey will affect you, sea sickness tables can be purchased from a pharmacist or alternatively on board our vessel on the day. As our tours venture out to the ocean it is always better to come prepared. If you are still concerned, we recommend you speak with a pharmacist and eat lightly before embarking.


We highly recommend enclosed flat comfortable shoes as well as a jacket or jumper as it can tend to get a little chilly in the sea breeze.

And remember to bring your camera to take pictures of the beautiful gentle giants of the sea. You can post your photos on our Facebook, Jersey shore whale watch.


Yes; our gift vouchers are ideal to give to someone for their Birthday, Engagement and Wedding, or to reward a staff member for their efforts. The gift voucher is valid for the whole season and can be used on any day. To utilize the voucher the recipient person calls the office direct, quotes the unique voucher number to book. Then brings the voucher with them on the day of their cruise. phone 732.451.6003


No, should you wish to join us on another whale watching trip you are welcome to come back on separate days if you like.

Learn How to Spot a Whale…

This whale was spotted off Sandy Hook by us on May 11th 2018!

Find a comfortable place at the railing and carefully scan back and forth over the water to the horizon. Look for things that don’t belong. Watch for blows, the whales’ tall exhalations. Look for backs, dorsal fins, or tails at the surface. Splashing in the distance often indicates active whales. Also, watch for groups of seabirds who may be feeding above whales. Once whales are located, the boat stops to begin the whale watch. It is important to note that the boat voluntarily operates within Whale Sense whale watching guidelines to keep the whales safe!

They come to coast of New Jersey during the warmer months to feed on bunker Menhaden fish. The whale behaviors cannot be predicted, but are often spectacular. The numbers and species of whales always vary from trip to trip.

We will be doing trips weeks days and weekends til the end of October, let us know what works for you www.billmckim.com

To ensure our cruises operate according to schedule and you are able to enjoy maximum viewing time, passengers are required to be at the departure point 30 minutes prior to the scheduled cruise time. In consideration for all passengers on board, the Jersey Shore Whale Watch Vessel will not wait past the scheduled cruise time for late passengers.

Whale Watching Cruise Information
When attending our Whale Watching cruises, we recommend passengers move to our open decks for the best views, and advise that you should dress appropriately for this experience:

Pack a warm sweatshirt or a windproof / waterproof jacket. Conditions at sea can be windier and cooler than on the mainland.
Appropriate footwear is also important. We recommend you wear fully covered footwear with suitable grip, such as sneakers or deck shoes.
Cap or hats are also recommended on sunny days. The Jersey Shore Whale Watch Crew can provide you with sunscreen if you need extra protection. Remember, always be sun smart!
Jersey Shore Whale Watch is BYOB you can purchase soft drinks and snacks throughout the duration of the cruise. You are more than welcome to bring along some light snacks for your children and family, if you would prefer.

The Jersey Shore Whale Watch Crew is focused on caring for your well-being and your safety. Our Vessel was designed for your maximum comfort, and is manned by qualified and competent crew appropriately updated with safety training, hands on training drills and emergency procedures.

Life jackets are available on board and are distributed at the discretion of the Skipper. Please feel free to ask our friendly staff if you have any questions.

Jersey Shore Whale Watch is committed to providing healthy and safe conditions, and to maintaining a safe and pollution-free operating practice that complies with national and international regulations and relevant standards, codes and guidelines.

Jersey Shore Whale Watch is compliant with all safety obligations as outlined by USCG
All ticket sales are final. No further discounts will be applied once a booking has been made.
No refunds will be given in the instance that a reduced price is mentioned / found after the booking has been processed.
All ticket sales must be confirmed with Jersey Shore Whale Watch by phone or email. Bookings are essential. Walk-ons are permitted.
A Booking Confirmation or Voucher must be presented before boarding will be permitted.
Seniors / Students must present an appropriate ID card to obtain the advertised rate.
All cruises are subject to minimum passenger numbers.
All tickets purchased are to be redeemed during the current year and the same Whale Watching season. Extensions to the following year or season will not be permitted.
Neither Jersey Shore Whale Watch of Gold Coast nor its employees shall be liable for any death or personal injury to any passengers or any loss or damage to property, unless such death, injury, loss or damage has been acclaimed as a result of negligence of the company or its employees.
All passengers MUST be at the designated departure point 30 minutes prior to the scheduled cruise time.
Jersey Shore Whale Watch is NOT liable for passengers being late.
In the event you have missed your planned cruise time, we will reschedule your cruise to an alternate day (subject to availability).
In the event you are unable to reschedule your missed cruise, you will NOT be entitled to a refund.
In the interest of passenger comfort and safety, cruises are subject to suitable weather conditions.
Jersey Shore Whale Watch reserves the right to cancel any cruise at any time and will notify all passengers by email and SMS. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that their contact details are accurate.
In the event your cruise is cancelled due to inclement weather, we will reschedule your cruise to an alternate day (subject to availability).
In the event you are unable to reschedule your cruise that has been cancelled due to inclement weather, you will be entitled to a full refund.
You must request your refund within 30 days of your original cruise date, or you will forfeit your right to a refund.
In the event you are unable to attend your planned cruise you must notify Jersey Shore Whale Watch a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled cruise time.
If you do not provide the required 24 hours notice when rescheduling your cruise, an administrative fee will be charged.
You are permitted to reschedule the same booking twice only. If a third amendment to your booking is required, an administrative fee will be charged.
No refunds will be provided for change of mind or unforeseen circumstances.
In the event you are unable to attend your scheduled cruise for any reason, we will help you to reschedule your cruise to an alternate day (subject to availability).
In the event you are unable to reschedule your cruise to the current Whale Watching season, you are permitted to transfer your cruise into the name of a family member or friend.
All decisions regarding cancelled cruises will be made by the Operations Manager and are considered final.
The only instance a refund will be provided is if Jersey Shore Whale Watch of Gold Coast has made the decision to cancel your cruise.
In the event of no whales being sighted on the day of your cruise, a complementary return cruise will be offered to all passengers.
In the event you are unable to reschedule your complementary return cruise, you are permitted to transfer your complementary cruise into the name of a family member or friend.
No refunds will be provided in the event of no whale sightings.
To ensure an enjoyable day, we recommend that all passengers take precautions to prevent seasickness.
Seasickness preventatives are available for purchase on board.
Seasickness pills are most effective if taken at least half an hour prior to your cruise.

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